The Bid Report

Pre-Launch - Connecticut

"The Bid Report", is a Free Planning & Bidding interactive viewing and self posting service. Postings are for Construction & Engineered Projects and Equipment Purchases. The listings are posted to the state the project or equipment is to be located. The Bid Reporting Bulletin Boards are made up of (6) six seperate pages per state: Planning, Bidding, Bid Results, Starts, Subcontracts Awards, and Permits. Services are for local state area Architects, Engineers, Government, Municipalities, Owners, Contractors & Suppliers.

Your Project submission should include the following: (Instructions)

Accurate Description & Location
Type: Alterations, New, etc...
Status: being planned, bid, etc...
Dates: Bid and Target Start
Submit Bids To who & where
Method of Contracting: GC or CM
Valuation: Estimated Cost
Bond Information: Requirements
Who's Involved: Owner, Eng, etc..
What's Involved: Site work, etc..
Specifications: from where & cost
Comments: Notes, Conditions, etc..

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