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Connecticut 1998 Speak Out Submissions

Submission by: Richard H. Lariviere; East Windsor, CT

Just the simple post! What are they thinking?

I reside in Wolcott Landing condo as a tenant to the owner. I had a stroke last year that left me paralyzed on the left side. To assist me in negotiating a curb to go to and from my residence, My son, at my request installed a simple 4x4 post at the end of our unit walk way. This was done only after several requests for assistance to the Association went unanswered. Now I have been ordered by the association to remove the post they claiming that is a liability hazard. They will not take responsibility for installing a ramp. I would be satisfied with replacement of the post by them or my son. Their specifications for liabilty insurance and bonding makes it cost prohibitive for me to put in a ramp. My landlord will not take any responsibility for this. His reply to my request. "If your not happy here why don't you find another place to live."

So here I am not being able to safely or easily go to and from my residence. I have an attorney who researched the American Disabilities Act and could not find a solution. What can I do? I would be happy with just the simple post!

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Submission by: Sassa Del; East Haven, CT

Local Music. What are they thinking?

A local East Haven town band "Cats In The Hat" kicked out their singer,and has a new one. Now so far, all I have heard about her from the members is that "She is nowhere as good," She is fat," she couldn't compare no matter how she'd try," and "She is not even that good!" Can someone explain why if she has all these bad qualities and doesn't compare, than why did they hire her.

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Submission by: Lou Lavezzoli; Rocky Hill, CT

Sand. Gripe

How about the town highway department picking up some of the sand (more like dirt) that they cover our streets with. Or why don't we just change to all dirt roads. This town is a mess. Take a look at the corner of say Woodfield Crossing and Cold Springs Road for example. It looks like a sandbox There are plenty of days during the winter when the highway crew could clean up some of this mess. If we have a street sweeper I would be glad to drive it myself. One of these days someone is going to get hit by a one of these large pebbles on the street and sue the town.

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Submission by: James D. Graskoski; Barkhamsted, CT

Ms. Mahoney’s libelous press release. Reply

Ms. Sue Mahoney, the Democratic moderator for the November election in Winsted has made libelous and grossly inaccurate statements to the Register Citizen. My good name and reputation have been damaged by Ms. Mahoney’s distortion of facts to the press concerning my involvement in the November election. I am submitting this rebuttal to set the record straight.

Several days before the November election I received a telephone call from the Republican registrar of voters, Dennis Moore. Mr. Moore explained that the Republican voting machine mechanic was running for office and would be unable to set up voting machines for the election. He asked if I would be willing to fill in and set up voting machines. It was a short notice but I agreed to help out. I met with Mr. Moore the Friday before the election and told Mr. Moore what my fee was for setting up voting machines for an election. Mr. Moore explained that the fee Winsted would pay me was higher than my fee for setting up voting machines because it would require that I be available on election day in the event of a voting machine breakdown. It is Winsted’s policy to have two voting machine mechanics available at the polls on election day. One mechanic stands by for any possible problems with 5 Democratic voting machines and the other mechanic stands by for any possible problems with 5 Republican voting machines.

Because of the short notice to fill in for the election, I was unable to get time off from my job. Two voting machine mechanics, John Nigri and Tom Santoro, were in partnership to set up the 5 Democratic voting machines. Because only one voting machine mechanic would be required to cover the 5 Democratic voting machines on election day, I asked John Nigri If he would be willing to be available for the 5 Republican voting machines on election day as my representative in order to fulfill my duties. Mr. Nigri said he would take my duties on election day at the polls. Mr. Nigri and I agreed on a fee that I would pay Mr. Nigri for assuming my duties on election day. This verbal contract was made in the presence of Mr. Santoro. I asked both Mr. Nigri and Mr. Santoro if they thought the fee I offered for Mr. Nigri to assume my duties on election day was fair. Mr. Nigri and Mr. Santoro both agreed that the fee was fair, and Mr. Nigri and I confirmed the verbal contract with a handshak!

I informed Mr. Moore of this agreement and Mr. Moore Informed election officials of the change. The 5 machines I set up for the November election worked flawlessly. I performed my duties of voting machine mechanic for the town of Winsted. I took the responsibility to make sure my duties on election day were fulfilled by my agreement with Mr. Nigri.

The facts and figures reported to the Register Citizen by Ms. Mahoney are inaccurate.

My credibility to be hired as voting machine mechanic by the town of Winsted or any other town has been damaged by the misrepresentation of facts by Ms. Mahoney. My reputation and character have been assaulted by this libelous article and I will seek out justice in the courts.

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Submission by: Kevin Van Veen; Shelton; CT

Multi-blast siren. Gripe

It seems hard to believe that in this day and age of computers, cell phones, beepers and pagers that the town of Shelton still relys on a multi-blast siren to inform it's volunteer fire dept. of where a fire is occuring. Can anything be done about this?

Woken Up at 3am 1-2 many times

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Submission by: Rudy Bergmann; Naugatuck, CT

Boulder in the road. Gripe

In front of 239 Webb road there is a boulder in the road the town paved right around it. I know of two cars that have been totaled on that boulder,adn one person who had a lot damage down to her car. some body is going to get killed one of these days ,then maybe they might fix it. I am not sure if the number is 239 or 139.

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