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Town USA's Home Page Hosting is a service provided FREE of charge to Clubs & Non-Profit Organizations, Schools, Churches, Libraries, Municipalities & Government Units and Associations. You can use your home page for business or personal use. Keep in mind that your URL will end with your BusinessName for businesses or YourName for personal use. Home pages may serve quite well for many small- to medium-sized businesses versus a web site with your own primary domain name (www.yourname.com). Customers requesting their own domain names are probably more interested in Town USA's Hosting Plans starting for as low as $19.95/month; $15.00 if prepaid. Discounted www.yourname.com Hosting to Clubs & Non-Profit Organizations as listed just above, figured at only $10.00 per month, prepaid and no set up fee. (Also, services as listed below included at www.yourname.com).

Your not a Professional Webmaster* but have several sites and / or associates or friends already on or looking to get on the Internet; save them money and earn your discounts or free hosting by joining our Developer Partner Program by moving those sites to Town USA Hosting Servers.

  • Why Town USA to host your home page? We feel with the increasing number of Internet home pages (doubling every 100 days) on the World Wide Web, using long URL Internet addresses; it might be nice to have your business or personal name easily & simply visible. Unlike other sites, search engines, and web directories & indexes the Town USA design is User-Friendly, Accurate and Fast enabling others globally and within your local community to find you more quickly.

  • We offer T3 connectivity to the Internet with no dial-up accounts slowing down your home page’s performance.

  • As a Town USA subscriber, you will get 10 megabytes of free data disk space and 100 megabytes of monthly transfer (equal to 700 individual outside "hits" on a home page whose total size is 4K) at no additional charge each month. Your home page will be stored on and accessed from the Town USA server.

  • Your URL Internet address will look like this:
    http://www.TownUSA.com/BusinessName or http://www.TownUSA.com/YourName

  • Included will be your own e-mail ID, looking like this:
    BusinessName@TownUSA.com or YourName@TownUSA.com
    REMEMBER to list your business FREE in our Town USA's Searchable Listings database. TOWN.COM for LISTINGS Outside the USA.
  • E-mail forwarding through to your dial-up Internet Service Provider. This means even if you should change your dail-up access account for logging on to the Internet; which will require a new e-mail name, your Town USA home page URL Internet address & e-mail name will always remain the same to other Internet users. Saving stationary & business card reprints. Simply contact us and we will re-direct your Town USA e-mail name to your new dial-up account at no additional charge.

  • optional real name & category Hypertext Link to make your buisness / web sites easier to find and watch your traffic increase. Annual subscription rate of $100 each. More than 2 million users use real names every day to go straight to the corporate, product or brand pages they’re looking for on the web.

  • optional web promotion Registration - Drive Traffic and get listed with over 400 search engines and directories. Annual subscription rate of $50 for 1 to 3 URL's. (Minimum License). The strength of the Internet is it's easy accessibility to viewers world wide. Your site's success is dependent on thorough online posting and proper keyword identification.

  • E-mail us for additional information regarding placing your Home Page on Town USA. Also Click Here for other services, and contacting us regarding ordering your own Domain Name Home Page Hosting plan on Town USA. Town USA can create your home page if you so choose.

General Terms Regarding Home Page Hosting

Data Storage:
How much is 10 megabytes of data storage space on the Town USA server? Ten megabytes of storage space for your home page is roughly equivalent to the amount of electronic information you can put on seven floppy disks (each holding 1.40 MB). The size of a home page varies widely depending on the amount of memory taken up by text, images and other digital media contained in your files.

How much is 100 megabytes of transfer? This is comparable to 700 individual "hits" on the average home page (4K in size) every day for a month. If your home page is highly graphic, it will take fewer "hits" to exhaust your free 100-megabyte limit.

*Webmasters: Virtual Servers 500mb of SPACE for $200/month with full administrative controls. Also, Dedicated option is for individuals or companies who have outgrown their Virtual Servers; $500/month Pentium Pro II 333, 8GB IDE Drive, 128MB RAM.

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