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Town USA Free Classifieds - Add Image

"A picture is worth a 1000 words"

Again, Town USA's Classifieds sections has been set up for the benfit of, for and to be used by local residents free of charge.

The advertising text classifieds ad is a great start. Once we have gotten the viewer to read the classifieds ad, you want them to become interested enough to purchase that used car, that cottage by the lake, the house your trying to sell with out an agent or borker, the old set of golf clubs.

Town USA will post your Picture and provided a link to it from your free classifieds ad for only a one time fee of $20.00. Send us your camera ready photo by mail, image (example: .gif, .jpg) file by email with payment. This will extend the normal time of two months till sold or for up to six months and place the ad at the top, above the others. Contact us for infomation.

This is Not to replace the free business Yellow Page advertising, classifieds listings, set up specifically for businesses; their products & services to be found and viewed through database listings, geographic location & category indexing, and Business Hypertext Links, & homepages / web sites.

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