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Town USA has just made available Local Franchise territories and Business Opportunities through out the USA, and we are looking for companies or individuals who would like to be part of our family. Town USA is currently seeking commissioned Telemarketers, Agents, Re-Sellers, Sales People, District Representatives, and Ad Agencies to name a few.

Join and Become Part of the Town USA Team

Why Town USA? Town USA is growing rapidly becoming one of the largest sites on the Internet. In order to provide the highest level of service possible, Town USA uses state of the art equipment and technology in its operations. Town USA offers the opportunity to work with the latest and greatest tools of the trade.

We're TAMING the WORLD WILD WEB! Listed below are several ways you can take part, and be interactive. "We are the Future here Today."

Available Commissioned Position (s)

  • Telemarketers: Work from your home part or full time calling local merchants letting them know about Town USA and its services.

  • Agents: Add Town USA products & services to your existing portfolio.

  • Re-Sellers: Set up local area businesses on Town USA and sales persons to sell Town USA products & services.

  • Sales People: Direct outdoor contact Sales.

  • District Representatives: Set up network of re-sellers, sales associates and seminars.
  • Ad Agencies: Place advertising on Town USA pages.

  • Territories: Lease your local area Town, County, and or State. Visit the State of Connecticut as an example.

All Town USA Associates will receive a free Mini-WebSite / Business Card on the Internet. Your name, information & logo, and E-mail address will appear with the Town USA logo. Our belief is to work with local area persons, together providing interactive Global & Community exposure. [ Example ]

Submission Form

Click Here to contact us regarding any of the above positions, additional positions, and for information.

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