October 14 - 21, 1998

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HART Congress this Friday


An element of mystery has been added to the 23rd Annual Community Congress of Hartford Areas Rally Together (HART) this Friday, October 16, at 6 pm at Burns School. According to a press release issued by HART announcing the annual meeting, several busloads of HART members will pay a visit to an official "who has been a barrier to progress on an important neighborhood issue" immediately after the Congress. A HART spokesman refused to identify the official or the location of the "visit" but did indicate that it was related to the insurance industry.

Hartford's high car insurance rates, which have been a priority for HART since the group was founded in 1977, will be among the top issues at Friday's Congress. Other main issues up for discussion are building trade and construction jobs, after-school programs for youths, education, downtown development and its effect on the city's neighborhoods, environmental justice and public safety.

Among the officials scheduled to speak at Friday's meeting are U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd, Mayor Mike Peters, Councilwoman Frances Sanchez, State Senator John Fonfara, State Representative Art Feltman, Arthur Anderson, Chairman of the Capital City Economic Development Authority, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and James McDonough, Director of Strategy for the Office of National Drug Control Policy. For more information, call 525-3449.

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