October 28 - November 4, 1998

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Councilman to Receive Award at Greenhouse Opening

by Kelly Carter

The Knox Parks Foundation will open the doors of a new community greenhouse on Wednesday, October 27, at 5 pm. The 2,700 square foot greenhouse, located at 75 Laurel Street in Hartford's Asylum Hill neighborhood, will provide programs for community gardeners, youths and job trainees as well as a destination for school field trips. It will also be headquarters for the well-known Hartford Blooms program.
Construction funds for the new greenhouse were provided through a Community Development Block Grant from the city of Hartford. It was built on property provided by the Hartford Redevelopment Agency, and utilized salvaged components from the old Whiting Greenhouse in West Hartford.

Hartford City Councilman Michael McGarry will receive the Judy Riege Service Award during the opening ceremony for his work with the Knox Park Foundation. The award recognizes his efforts in trying to make Hartford more beautiful.

McGarry, who has been working with the Foundation for many years, called the greenhouse "an opportunity for non-profit organizations, individuals and start-up profit operations to do significant value-added work in the horticultural field," he says. McGarry has been working with the foundation for several years and says he is pleased to be accepting the award.

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