August 5 - 12, 1998

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by Fernando G. Rosa

Correction - The correct name of the Wetherfield High School graduate is: Lizete Nogueira.

EXPO-98 - Former U.S. Representative Tony Coelho of California, serving as High Commissioner for the U.S. Pavilion at EXPO 98, in Lisbon, recently dined with a number of Connecticut residents to discuss his latest project; the WAVE. Coelho attended a reception hosted by Carlos Gomes, President of Relvas Vacations, the number 1 tour operator to Lisbon.

Prior to the conference, Coelho said the monument is a way of saying thanks to Portugal from all Portuguese American immigrants. He encouraged all Portuguese Americans to inscribe their names in a small plaque for a $100 donation. This space will engrave the name with up to 17 letters, longer names need more space. All of the organizations that get 100 members to participate will get their names inscribed free.
Brochures and information are now available and the name engraving will take place in September.

The Luso American Wave Foundation, was created to offer Portugal the wave-shaped monument.

The sculpture will be a memorial wall in the shape of a wave and stand 8.5 feet high and exceed 60 feet in distance. Designed by artist Stephen Frietch and architect Steven Spurlock the stainless steel structure will be surfaced at the base in the traditional azulejos the famous deep and royal blue Portuguese title.

It will be located just outside the exhibit space close to the marina and will have 9,000 names of Portuguese Americans or institutions inscribed on it.

Interested people in the U.S. hoping to get more information, can call the headquarters of the Foundation in Washington D.C. at 1-888- 554-5293, or may write to 1900 L Street, NW Suite 407 Washington D.C. 20036.

EXPO 98 will remain open to the public until September 23rd It is dedicated to the oceans and features a major aquarium similar to the one built in Okinawa, Japan.

Lisbon is a city in transition, with major construction underway, new infrastructure and new space. The site of the Expo-98 is a new economic development space. The new bridge, Vasco da Gama, connects the banks of the Tagus. Its opening was celebrated with a major party, served with a "feijoada" a hearty stew for 15,000 people. Other changes include the construction of train stations.

I'm expecting to visit Lisbon in August and I hope that I will report to you on my experience of the Expo 98.

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