August 5 - 12, 1998

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Senior Scene

by Ethel M. Austin

What's in a name? I'm all for our dropping "retiree" (many women never worked so they never retired) and "senior" is confusing. Confusing because we also have senior high school students, senior college students, senior vice presidents of corporations, etc., etc. Elderly is derogatory to those who are doing everything they can to keep well, healthy and attractive up to the last day of their lives. Wigs, toupees, all sorts of make-up, to say nothing of operations to remove wrinkles, age spots and double chins, make elderly look younger than their children.

A couple of weeks back I told you all that I liked the French custom of calling all those over 65, The Third Age, and I am still in favor of that. However, Richard Simmons, the guru of good health and exercise prefers the term "Silver Foxes" and I hate to disagree with him, but the hair dye, wigs and toupees would prove him otherwise and those wearing them might be offended. Have you any better ideas? What would you prefer to be called?

Hartford's Jazz Festival was a great success and was largely due to Thomas D. Harris, IV, president of the event and his hardworking crew. Although I have been around for some time, I had never had the privilege of hearing Dave Brubeck in person, although I do have several of his recordings. I was especially fond of "Take Five," which the group played to perfection (and to the enthusiasm of the huge crowd). We are fortunate to have persons of Thom's knowledge and will to keep "our music" alive. Thanks for the treat, Thom.

And speaking of the affair, I do not understand why announcements are not made between acts, at the opening and closing of the shows to ask people to pick up their trash, put it into the containers for that purpose, or to take it home with them. Other venues do this and grounds are left spotless. It would certainly cut down on the expense of the clean-up crew.

Some tenants have moved into the new Third Age Residence called Sumner House on Sumner Street in Hartford. Perhaps you aren't ready to move yet, but you owe it to yourself to check out these new places to see how they fit into your future or even present circumstances. Certainly a time might come when you might have to make new arrangements and there is nothing like moving into a place which has brand new appliances, a balcony for every apartment from single room to two bedrooms (some with a bath and a half).

And the prices are right with financial arrangements for one or more persons.

The Fourteenth Annual Third Age Outing will be held at Holiday Hill in Granby, August 14, with fabulous food all day long and games and fun for everyone. Dancing to the music of Vinnie Carr, Swimming, Bingo, Line Dancing, Hiking, Crafts, and more. Cost is $24 and includes transportation to and from. Pick up the bus at Salvation Army Senior Center 9 am and at AHOP, North Hartford Senior Center . You do not have to belong to a senior center to go to this but maybe afterward you'd make so many new friends you'd like to join one of Hartford's eleven centers.

You have all heard me hold forth on the value of using manufacturer's coupons for buying groceries. Imagine my surprise to have this paper give me a whole folder full of information about September being National Coupon Month with chances to win prizes and save just scads of money by using coupons.

I love the challenge of looking at the bottom of my purchase slip and seeing what percentage of money I have managed to save on the day's purchases.

To me playing the coupon game, particularly using the triples, is one of my weekly pleasures and I am so proud of myself for staying within my budget. It buoys me up for the whole week til I shop again.

Below are a few coupon facts I thought you'd be interested in.

The contest will provide a grand prize of $2,000 cash and there is a second prize of a $250 Supermarket Shopping spree and a personal make-over with transportation by limousine. Fifty runners-up will receive a Coupon Savings Package, T-Shirt and Cup.

To receive the official rules, send to Reward Yourself Sweepstakes-Official Rules, 9711 Fuesser Road, Mascoutah, IL, 62258. Good Luck!

Talk with you next issue.

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