August 12 - 19, 1998

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CREN's Council Review -August 10th Meeting


Recreation Centers Approved for Schools
There were 72 items on the regular agenda. Thirteen were added on the supplemental agenda and three were walked in during the meeting. Deputy Mayor Sanchez was absent. The next Council Meeting will be September 11.

Bond Ordinances - The Council passed a series of resolutions and ordinances directing Town Clerk Dan Carey to place seven bond ordinances on the November ballot. Together the bonds total $172 million. The projects include:

$35 million - construction of a public safety complex;
$3 million - environmental improvements for police headquarters;
$68 million - construction of a new Hartford Public High School;
$27 million - Hartford schools renovations;
$13 million - roof and underground tank removal at schools;
$10 million - road improvements; and
$16 million - recreation facility projects

The Commission on the City Plan recommended approval of all of the ordinances except for the $35 million public safety complex and the $16 million recreation facilities projects. The $16 million bond ordinance for recreation facilities were amended during the Council meeting. As amended the ordinance will pay for improvements to school recreational facilities that would then be opened to the public. The original bond ordinance had been for improvements to facilities at Goodwin and Keney Parks.

Hartford Parks Trust Fund - The Council scheduled three Parks Trust fund ordinances for Public Hearing August 17 and referred them to the Operations, Management, Budget, Education and Labor Committee. Together the three ordinances will appropriate a total of $1,225,000 from the Hartford Parks Trust Fund.

$825,000 for the restoration of park ponds at Keney Park, Pope Park, Goodwin Park, and Elizabeth Park. The funds will be used for planning and to install filtering devices to improve water quality.

$100,000 for improvements to Elizabeth Park. The funds will be used for the green house, adjacent buildings, and associated site work.

$300,000 for improvements to Batterson Park. The money will be used to construct a new ticket booth, renovate the bath houses, install a new play apparatus and grills, and purchase new sand for the beach.

Hartford Parks Trust Fund - On the recommendation of Councilman Al Marotta, the Council passed a resolution which will allocate $80,000 from the Hartford Parks Trust Fund to purchase iron fencing and plants for Columbus Park and the new Floridia, Italy Sister City Park.

CDBG - The Council allocated Community Development Block Grant funds to several programs;

$43,000 from the Community Development Future Projects Pool to ONE/CHANE ($25,000) and to the St. Martin Nursing Assistant Program ($18,000).

$9,400 to Creative Gifts, Inc. for an educational program associated with the Knox Parks Foundation's horticultural center.

$18,000 to the Betances Family Resource Center.

Alternative Transportation Fair - The Council voted to waive all fees associated with the Alternative Transportation Fair to be held September 22, 11 am to 2 pm, in Bushnell Park.

The fair, sponsored by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, will highlight "vehicles that prevent pollution by not utilizing the internal combustion engine."

Community Employment Incentive Program - The Council voted to authorize the Department of Human Services (DHS) to apply for funds from the Connecticut Department of Labor under the Community Employment Incentive Program (CEIP). The resolution allows DHS to enter into contractual agreements with South End Community Services, the Connecticut Puerto Rican Forum, and the Urban League of Greater Hartford to provide employment related services to eligible residents.

Farmer's Market Checks for WIC Families - The Council passed a resolution allowing the Hartford Health Department to apply for funds from the Connecticut Department of Agriculture to operate a Farmer's Market Coupon Program with the Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Food Program (WIC). Under the coupon program anyone eligible for WIC services will receive a $10 Farmer's Market Coupon. There is no cost to the city.

Task Force on Adult Literacy - On the recommendation of Council members Stewart, Watkins, and Park, the Council passed a resolution creating a task force on adult literacy. The task force will compile information about literacy services and identify specific actions needed to improve literacy in Hartford.

If you have any questions about the agenda, call the Council at 522-4888 or CREN at 249-1416.

The Citizens' Research Education Network is a non-profit information center for Hartford community-based organizations.

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