August 12 - 19, 1998

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Youths Celebrate at Riverside Park

by J. Rossetti-Ford

Over 45 Hartford and East Hartford youths rallied for a day of celebration last Friday, August 7, at Riverside Park.

The youngsters all participated in various Riverfront Recapture Summer Youth Employment Program jobs this year as park rangers, landscapers, builders of habitats and boat builders.

"These students have done remarkable work this summer while learning about the Connecticut River's importance, history, and wildlife. Programs offered by Riverfront Recapture are a vital part of our revitalization efforts here in Hartford and throughout the state," said Mayor Michael Peters.

"While working for Riverfront Recapture, the students are able to take an active part in enhancing our communities while creating a sense of welcome and hospitality," said East Hartford Mayor Timothy Larson.

All the youths received certificates in recognition of a job well done from Peters, Larson and People's Bank Chairman and CEO David E.A. Carson.

Carson, an avid rower who works out mornings on Long Island Sound, joined the youngsters in the first voyage of one of the two 18-foot Chamberlain Gunning Dories they built this year. A christening ceremony was held for the two boats (one named BOW TIE, in honor of Carson's trademark neckwear, and the other POSSIBILITIES, which is a play on People's Bank's slogan -"It's Possible. At People's") just before the launching.

"We salute these young people who have worked to make a difference this summer and enhance the value of the Connecticut River. People's Bank is pleased to be part of the Riverfront Recapture program," said Carson.

Other support for the Summer Youth Employment Program was provided by the Ahearn Family Foundation, the J. Walton Bissell Foundation, ConnectiCare Fund, the Dexter Corporation Foundation, the Carse Robinson et al Foundation, the Ensworth Charitable Foundation, the Fisher Foundation, Mayor Mike's Companies for Kids, The Old State House and the Wiremold Foundation.

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