August 26 - September 2, 1998

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Matchbox 20 Headlines Triple Bill at Oakdale

by Samantha Mills

The lights dim, the audience screams in anticipation, music begins and Matchbox 20 jumps into "Girl Like That" from their multi-platinum debut album "Yourself or Someone Like You." Fans of all ages turned out for the triple bill, sold out show Tuesday August 11 at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford.

The thought-provoking lyrics combined with the energized intensity of Rob Thomas's voice captivated the crowd as they per-formed such hits as "Push," "3 am," "Real World," and "Long Day." Matchbox 20 also performed "Kody," a softer heartfelt song. Behind the band, the video screen took you on a journey through the lonely roads they have traveled.

Energetic and eager to please, this Florida-based band demon-strated that they are talented, polished musicians who have come a long way. With songs like "Busted" a metal sounding song, to "Tired" a B-side song to "Soul Sick" a newly written song, Matchbox 20 has nothing to prove. They are the band of the nineties.

Matchbox 20 not only puts on a great live show but use their fame to help causes close to home. They urge fans to bring donations of clothing, blankets, and shoes for the "children of the Night" organization. This organization helps distribute these items to the homeless nationwide.

The second show on the triple bill was Soul Asylum, which created much excitement for long time fans. After a little over two years of being absent from the tour circuit, they came back playing better than ever. Their latest release "Candy from a Stranger," brought their eagerly awaiting fans songs such as "Misery" and "I Will Still Be Laughing." Their 1995 big hit "Runaway Train," touched many, and the crowd stood and sang along with frontman Dave Pirner and ended it with screams and a deafening applause. Excited to be back on the road, an enthusiastic Pirner pulled out his new blue guitar which he claimed was "ugly," and he spun it around, tripped over a cord and fell into the amplifiers. Never letting his enthusiasm falter, he finished out the set.

The first band of the night was Semisonic, a Minneapolis band best known for their chart topping hit "Closing Time" from their album, "Feeling Strangely Fine." This stylish alternative I pop band was vibrant and had a refreshing new sound the audience seemed to enjoy.
This is a band to expect to hear more from in the future.

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