August 26 - September 2, 1998

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Police Academy Youth Visit Keney Park Stables

by J. Rossetti-Ford

On Tuesday, August 5, the Hartford Police Department's Summer Youth Academy campers enjoyed a field trip to Keney Park to see the mounted police stables. The experience included a threefold event for over 20 Hartford youngsters.

Police Officer Steve Piersa from the Animal Control Unit gave a presentation with "Elliot" his K-9 unit dog partner. "Elliot is responsible for many things when we are looking for a criminal in the neighborhood. His training to smell any materials in the surroundings in which the crime occurred helps us trace evidence very quickly." said Officer Steve Piersa.

Hartford Police Officers Lance Sigersmith and Bill Long from the Hartford Bike Patrol Unit were on hand to greet the youngsters. They demonstrated the equipment they wear and the mountain bikes they use each day. "We experience great speed with these specially designed bikes. We are able to move very quickly in many different places including the wooded areas of Hartford," said Officer Sigersmith.

The campers were also able to feed the horses.

Other features of the program include basic training in first aide, and drug prevention.

For further information on the program contact Officer Cheryl Gogins at (860) 527-7300, ext. 5645.

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