September 16 - 23, 1998

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An Open Letter to Barbara Kennelly
Stop the Persecution of Our President


Dear Congresswoman Kennelly,

The release of the Starr Report has made me angrier at our Federal Government than anything has since we conducted the Vietnam War a generation ago.

It's almost impossible for me to conceive of how this government, or any government, can allow such an inquisition of its leader to take place. To use government resources and taxpayer dollars to expose what should be a strictly private matter, and then to publish it for the whole world to see makes our public officials look like pornographers.

Who is this three judge panel that picked Starr in the first place and why would Janet Reno give him approval to go down the Monica Lewinsky road? As our representative in Washington, you must use your influence to see that the independent counsel law is changed so that these politically inspired witch hunts by right wing zealots are stopped.

I am so proud of Bill Clinton - a man who is still on his feet after taking the most awful hits anyone can imagine on his character and morals. How many members of the esteemed House of Representatives can stand up and say that they have never misled anyone about their sexual activities? The self righteousness and hypocrisy of those that speak out against President Clinton disgust me. This includes those in the media as well as our elected officials.

While I do not dispute that President Clinton used incredibly bad judgment in becoming involved in the work place with someone of questionable emotional stability , the revelation of the affair with the release of the Linda Tripp tapes should not have resulted in the Starr investigation.

The only reason Starr had anything to investigate at all is the fact that he set up the perjury trap during the Paula Jones deposition in which President Clinton denied having sexual relations with Monica.
Shouldn't both Tripp and Starr be called in on the carpet for invading the privacy of the President? Isn't there something wrong with manufacturing a crime that is then investigated and then charging additional crimes based on the President's defense of the charges?
What bothers me most of all is the "sex police" aspect of all this. Do we want our law enforcement resources used to invade people's private sexual conduct? Of course not. Then why did we let it happen to our leader? How often has anyone had to pay a legal price for committing perjury about sex? Why should our President be persecuted for these mutually consensual actions when no one else would be?

As our U.S. Representative, I hope that you will stand strong in support of our President and do everything you can to make sure such inquisitions do not take place in the future.

Congresswoman Kennelly, thanks for serving the First Congressional District of Connecticut so well for all these years. You've earned the right to come home to be our governor.

Jon Harden

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