September 30 - October 7, 1998

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Bulkeley's Boy's Soccer Finds Victory through Diversity

by Kara Hood

If Bulkeley Boys' Soccer Coach Ed Zimmitte ever decides to change careers, he might think about sending his resume to the United Nations. In his five years at the school, Zimmitte said he has coached youngsters from Romania, Colombia, Peru, Jamaica and Vietnam, among other places. Recently, he added, there have also been many kids coming to play for the team from Albania and Bosnia.

While Zimmitte, who was born in Italy himself, said he has often found it challenging to coach such diverse groups of players, he has also found ways to eliminate any potential problems through careful positioning and emphasizing team unity. "There are no superstars on this team," he said, "it's the effort of everybody that allows us to reach our goals."

So far Zimmitte's approach seems to be working. The team now stands 3-1 after defeating Southington 5-0 last Thursday. The Bulldogs also recently shut out cross-town rival Hartford Public 4-0.

The team is not only diverse culturally, but also in terms of age as well.
Zimmitte said he has a very strong bench with many younger sophomore and freshman players who "really know the game."
Zimmitte is also looking for strong performances from his upperclassmen this year, including seniors David Gregorian (a native of Russia), Alberto Mann (a native of Romania) and Chris Wedderburn (a native of Jamaica) plus juniors Claudio Armani from Romania and Julio Flores from Colombia.

In addition to notching a winning season and making the playoffs, Zimmitte has set one more goal for his team to achieve: a sportsmanship award. In his first season coaching for Bulkeley, the team won the award and he hopes for that honor again this year. In order to win the award a team must go through the entire season without receiving any card violations, red or yellow...quite an achievement indeed.

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