September 30 - October 7, 1998

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Senior Scene

by Ethel M. Austin

Sometimes there is so little of real necessity to tell you that I have trouble getting a column together. Today however, is one of the days when I could write a whole page were there space for it. That's because there are dates to be met and some real opportunities for you to stir out of lethargic summer routines and volunteer where you will meet some new people, and in some cases get a new prospective on the coming year. So read on!

First there is a correction in last week's column, and fortunately I can blame it on SNET (or maybe the state) because after this year's book was printed they changed a whole bunch of state phone numbers and nobody let us know. Please out there in telephone land, have your operators switch numbers for us for the entire time the old number is in the book. We customers are not psychic and can spend hours trying to locate our parties. So what was last week's problem?

Since the book came out the numbers under the Attorney's General listing were changed. Those of you who would like to volunteer for the chance to help on this vitally important piece of senior scam prevention and everything that needs to be done should call RSVP, the Retired Seniors Volunteer Program and tell them you are interested in what jobs are available to you for the AG's Senior program. The name of Meredith Field was given but she has left and so the job has been turned over to RSVP. Now if you don't apply quickly to this phone number and ask for Mary Wilcox, the director of RSVP, you may lose out on this job, but are in a very good position to see if there is not another interesting opening for you. Call Mary now at 280-0191.

The Alzheimer's "Memory Walk" will start in Bushnell Park on this coming Sunday, October 4, at l0 am. Over l000 are expected to walk to help raise money for programs and services for this disease. Walkers should get "sponsors" who will donate for their effort. There are also spaces available for those who might like to accept these pledges and register the walkers on Sunday morning at 8:30 am. Those who collect sponsor's contributions of over $75 will receive a tee shirt. For additional information please call 954-9500.

Asylum Hill Revitalization Association and Problem Solving Committee is sponsoring a Neighborhood Asset Survey. No they are not trying to determine how much money everyone has saved up... but what "assets" or "treasures" the people of the area have. The object is to see what businesses or services are needed to make the Asylum Hill area more attractive. At one time Asylum Hill was a residential area, where everyone walked to work. Today they need to know if alternatives to present transportation are needed, what kind of housing is right for them, and have they skills which could be turned into paying jobs which could be located in Asylum Hill.

The recorders will be at the doors of residents on the Saturdays of October 3rd, l0th and 17th. Seniors are invited to come to the Salvation Army Senior Center to pick up a form and fill it out. I will be on vacation until the l9th, but if I need to contact you, please leave your phone number and I'll call you when I get back. Other residents may choose to go to the Mark Twain Library or to the Asylum Congregational Church for the forms and someone to help.

There will be prizes for those residents who enter the survey - either a month's mortgage payment, a month's rent or a month's property taxes. The drawing will be held November 2, at the monthly meeting.

In addition to needing residents to reply to the survey, they are asking college students to do the door to door questioning. If you know of any college students willing to do this on one or more days, please have them call Phyllis Reeds at 521-5696 for details and training times. This number may also be used by residents who need more information.

Another important program which is being planned is the Greater Hartford Senior Volunteer Showcase and Exposition on Saturday, November 7, at the St. Francis Gengras Center, l000 Asylum Ave. in Hartford. It will run from 9 am to 2 pm.

The Greater Hartford Senior Citizen Coordinating Council which was created after last year's very successful Exposition, is working to get all seniors who may not be volunteering now for a variety of reasons, but who also find something lacking in their lives that the most suitable volunteering could fill. This year's Expo is called "Time to Make a Difference"

There will be three fascinating speakers, book sales of those speakers, nearly 40 display tables of those who offer volunteer spots of all kinds.
There will also be two workshops, Effective Volunteering and Leadership Development, as well as an Informational Video Room to learn about the Volunteer Opportunities in Greater Hartford. Come and explore the possibilities.

The charge of $5 covers lunch, door prizes throughout the day, free parking in the Atwood Street lot. For more information or to reserve your spot, please call 860-724-6443 X350.

Talk with you next issue.


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