September 30 - October 7, 1998

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Wish School Celebrates Opening of School Year

by J. Rossetti-Ford

The annual Back to School Pep Rally at Fred D. Wish Elementary School on Barbour Street in Hartford's Northend was held on Friday, September 25. Among those participating in the event were the Fredie Wish Bear, John B. Larson, Democratic Congressional candidate, students, faculty, parents, community members and the Stowe Village Community Police Officer, Lu Ferino. Representatives from Automatic Data Processing of Windsor and Phoenix Mutual Insurance Company, two of the school's major sponsors, also joined in the fun.

Principal Lynne Lanier addressed the group and said that learning is the number one priority at Wish School. "Here at Wish my faculty works daily on our mission statement to 'Explore and Learn, Achieve our Dreams' for all our students."

Several acts were performed by the students, including a rap session created by the fifth graders in Lucille Waterman's class.

Larson gave a brief speech to the students and said, "I know that the majority of you live in Stowe Village. As a child, I grew up in Mayberry Village in East Hartford. My family consisted of my wonderful mom and dad, seven brothers and sisters and me. My parents were very hard working yet neither of them attended college... but all of their children did. I feel so strongly that you can all go on to higher education. With all the energy and excitment shown here today at your school I would like to present a special project to all of you here today. If on November 3, I am elected to the United States Congress, I will hire a school bus to transport 20 Wish Elementary School students and 20 students from my home town of East Hartford go on a special visit to Washington D.C. Here is an opportunity for all of you to be challenged. Study hard and excel because 20 students will be selected and we will go off to Washington," said Larson.

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