Here are some tips that will make you a Town USA power user.

We have made it easy for you to find local businesses in several different ways. In addition to the name, address, and phone number, you will find a link to a map showing you how to get to your selection, and if they have subscribed to Town USA's Business Link, you will find a link directly to their Home Page or Web Site.

1. Select Business Type e.g., Advertising. A list of categories will appear. Select a category...then select search and all the entries in that catagory will apprear on your screen!

2.  AND/OR Business Name e.g., Town USA

  • Enter the name of the business (partial name can be used)
  • City / Town (optional)
  • State (unless defaulted)
  • Category

    You may use any combination of items to enter your search criteria...then select search and you will see your answer with the links on your screen.

    REMEMBER: remove all special formatting such as special characters (),!,"",-,', etc., bold, underline, italic, etc., This will ensure proper processing of your information by the system; as per the instructions.

3. OR Enter Phone Number example: (860)871-0422  [ NOTE format & no spaces ]  Simply enter the business phone number and click the search button. The business name and address and link to a map will appear on your screen. 

We know you will find our search engines are very easy to use, require little or no typing, and will get you the results you need.

Before you leave don't forget to create your Town USA Custom Start Page to return quickly to your favorite pages in Town USA. You will find our customized Town page (Book) on all major Town USA pages. Check it out......

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