Add a Link to your HomePage/WebSite

Link to your HomePage/WebSite

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HomePage/WebSite Hypertext Link from your Free Town USA Yellow Page Business Listing. Having a Link to your HomePage or Website is one of the fastest ways for anyone on the Internet surfing to find you. Whether using your home page for business or personal use, keep in mind the reason your on the Internet in the first place is to let people know what you are all about. Your Free listing and link is viewed through Town USA's local state listing pages and Town USA's Searchable Listings providing Increased Visibility, Increased Exposure, and Increased Traffic to your HomePage/WebSite.

  • Why Town USA to link your home page? We feel with the increasing number of Internet Home Pages and Web Sites (doubling every 100 days) on the World Wide Web, using sometimes long URL Internet addresses & having hosting names nobody would think of or easily misspelled. It might be nice having the ability for your business to be easily and simply found. Unlike other sites, search engines, and web directories & indexes for which you could search forever; the Town USA design is User-Friendly, Accurate and Fast enabling others globally and within your local community to find you more quickly.

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  • We offer T3 network connectivity to the Internet with no dial-up accounts making for one of the quickest Web Sites on the Internet.

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General Terms

URL: Each Web site on the Internet, and each page or bit of information on that site, has a unique address. This address is called a Uniform Resource Locator or URL. A URL, then, is a pointer to a specific bit of information (address) on the Internet. When someone tells you to visit their site at, they've given you a URL. You can point your browser to different kinds of information on the Internet, you use different kinds of URL's. Most URL's start with http: (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), which indicates a file at an actual Web site.

Link: A link or hypertext link is a connection between or connecting information. Links are words or phrases that take you to other areas on the same page or take you to still other screens, and links on those screens that take you even futher away from your original topic. Usually you can tell when there is a link by the word or phrase being underlined. Also, the link is often indicated by a color change. Images can be links which can be identified by the small hand showing up when you place the mouse over the picture.

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