Establishing Your Company's Image
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One of the biggest marketing problems I see with homebased businesses is their failure to establish a clear and distinct image for their business at an early point in their growth. At the early stages of a business, in order to generate income, a business will do many things apart from the core of the business. In many cases it sends a mixed message to your customers. 

To be effective, your company's image should be communicated with drama, consistency and repetition so that the customer immediately recognizes what  product or service your company name represents.  

Instant recognition is not accidental. In each case, the company has followed some very simple imaging rules: 

  • The statements support the product. They tell you the product or service and its key benefits.
  • The statements are simple, focused and easy to understand. There is no difficulty in comprehending the message.
  • The marketers have spent their time and money in maintaining the lines for extended periods of time.
Most company owners in the first years of existence give little thought to developing a unique difference or in projecting what the company will look like five years down the road, when the business becomes stabilized. But every company's product or service needs clear and distinct positioning. With the tremendous competition in the marketplace, you must develop a unique position for yourself so that you can stand out from the herd. The rules of distinct positioning are fairly simple: 
  • Analyze the marketplace and your competition.
  • Analyze your own business product or service. What is unique about your company?
  • Pick a positioning that is simple, easy to assimilate and if possible unique.
  • At a minimum, always try to be consistent with your positioning, (in look, format, typeface style, logo treatment, etc.)
  • Remember that it is important to establish this position from day one. If you don't have one, develop one now, and stay with it  consistently.
Over the years, I have used many of these ideas to assist people when starting their business as well as helping existing businesses redefine the company's image. As I stated earlier, the faster you establish your company's image, the faster customers will know what your business is all about. Hope you find this information useful.