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In conjunction with Internet Consulting Services, host of Town-USA, the Home Based Business Network Group is now enjoying the benefits of being on the Internet.  The address of the web site is "". This Web Site will not only include a member directory but also the "At Home News" newsletter and the home business television show "Cash In At Home". The Web Site has being developed and many more benefits are being added for the members of the Home Based Business Network Group. 

The Town-USA Web Site is a great place for all local home businesses to advertise. Besides the low cost of Web Sites being offered by Internet Consulting Services, this Web Site is a great location for your home business. Many home businesses think that the Internet is only for companies wanting to do business nationwide. This is not the case. The best thing about Town-USA is that this host site gives you the best of both local advertising as well a potential for developing your company for possible nationwide exposure. Town-USA has all of the major search engines working to locate your business on this Web Site. 

Developing a Web page with Town-USA is a small cost when you add up the benefits. First, it gives your company a local Web Site. People looking to do business with a local company need only search by the name of the town. Wow! What a deal. I may not initially be looking for your business but because I now have all of the businesses in that location at my disposal, I can look to see what other businesses I may have a need for in the future.  Second,with Town-USA your cost is less than a dollar a day. When you look at the different advertising medias and compare their price, you will find that no one offers you a better deal than Town-USA, especially after you take into consideration that this Web Site gets over 150,000 hits per week! For those of you that do not know what a "hit" is, a "hit" is the number of times someone visits the Web Site. When you add it all up, the benefits out weigh the small cost of developing the Web page. 

If in the past you had thought of being on the web, but have not done so for whatever reason, now is the time to take advantage of the deal being offered to the Home Business Group. Give Chip Janiszewski a call at 860-673-4006 or e-mail him. 

The Web Site for the Home Based Business Network Group is constantly getting new material and can still be viewed at For those of you that are on the Internet, I would appreciate your comments and suggestions.