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Some years ago when people spoke of a small business it was thought of as a business with limited resources. If that business were  homebased it was probably a hobby or a housewife doing craft work at home. As all of you know, we have come a long ways.  

Today, many homebased businesses are as big or bigger than many store front businesses. The technology within just the last 20 years has afforded us the opportunity that only very big businesses could afford. There are many new technologies in the telecommunications field alone that enable our business  to compete with businesses many times bigger than ours.  

As a homebased business owner you must continue to rethink the way you do business or you will be left behind in this ever changing world. You must look at your business on a regular basis  and keep abreast of changes around you.  

No business can rely on the way it used to be and expect to survive. Homebased business owners need to check their competition, new ways of doing business and most important increase profits. David Pena, business consultant, encourages business owners to take one day a month to check competition and evaluate a segment of their business.  Some business owners say they are too busy to either check their competition or evaluate their own business.  Remember you may feel you do not have the time to do this now, but will find ample time when you find yourself out of  business.  

One reason, David Pena, sees for business failure, right behind lack of capital and management experience, is what he calls,  doing business the old way.  

With all of the new technologies in today's world you might find something that could save you time and money and at the same time afford you the opportunity to set your business apart from the competition. 

Start today, on rethinking the way you do business, it could save your business.