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According to SueEllen Strapp, president of Sugarland based Powersource Internet Marketing Group, companies should consider the following when establishing a Web site. 
  • Think benefits. People only want to know what's in it for them. Don't just mention the features, tell how your product/service can help them. If you've never written direct-response advertising before, get some help.
  • Provide useful information. Your site has to be more than a hard-sell ad to keep customers coming back for more.
  • Register with search engines. There are only two ways to find you on the Net: through search engines and by hanging out with like-minded vendors and/or users through links.
  • Develop links to your site from other sites. It multiplies your mailing list and access to your site.
  • Have something for viewers to read or do while graphics are building on the screen so they don't get bored and move on.
  • If you have an off-line business, use the Internet to offer value-added service, customer care and marketing pieces such as brochures, price quote requests or samples of your work.
  • Allow plenty of time for on-line networking, tending to e-mail and posting to news groups and mailing lists. As with an off-line business, Web-based businesses require constant marketing.
  • Offer something in exchange for a viewer's e-mail address. The most popular item to offer is information by inviting users to "Come in, type your name and a note and get a free copy."
  • Don't overwhelm visitors with a lot of fancy graphics, which can  take a long time to build on a screen and can confuse the message. Keep the design clean and easy to read. Make sure viewers can easily navigate through the web pages.
  • Give your site personality. People buy from vendors they like. Let them know by what they see that you're an approachable company that cares for them.      DBA.