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Activities held in Avon Public Schools are automatically canceled when schools are closed for any reason. Cancellation information is available by calling 409-4365 or by listening to WTIC radio station.

Avon High School, 510 West Avon Road, (860) 404-4740.

A four-year high school with a 1995 enrollment of 603; in 1993, 92.4% of the graduating class went on for further education. Avon High School actively addresses the preparation needs of students who will live and work a majority of their lives in the 21st century. Development of an intellectually rigorous core curriculum that focuses upon helping all students to "use their minds well" is a primary goal. (From: Strategic Schools Profiles, 1993-94).

Avon Middle School, 375 West Avon Road, (860) 673-3221.

A newly-renovated 6th-8th grade school with a total student enrollment in 1993 of 525 students. Faculty and student body are divided into teams and the instructional program and activities are designed to meet the unique needs of the 10 to 14-year-olds' learning style. (From: Strategic School Profiles, 1993-94).

Pine Grove School, 151 Scoville Road, (860) 404-4790.

A K-5 elementary school with a student population of 578. The average class size is approximately 19 per room, and there are either four, five or six classrooms per grade level. The school opened for the first time in 1991 and is situated on a 25-acre parcel in a quiet setting surrounded by fields, farms, and marshes.

Roaring Brook School, 30 Old Wheeler Lane, (860) 673-3268.

A K-5 elementary school. Student enrollment totals 560 students. The Roaring Brook School community is dedicated to fostering high academic standards in a nurturing environment that promotes respect for self and others.

Avon Old Farms School for Boys (PRIVATE), Old Farms Road, (860) 673-3201.

A boarding and commuter private high school for boys specializing in college preparation that has a current enrollment of 370 students.

Superintendent and Board of Education

Avon Public Schools, 34 Simsbury Road, Avon, CT 06001
Superintendent of Schools: Dr. Richard W. Kisiel, (860) 404-4705, Fax (860) 404-4704

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