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Cash In At Home, the home business show, is now a regular show on the Nutmeg TV station in Plainville, Connecticut. The purpose of the show is to provide information on starting and growing a home business. David Pena, President and owner of WorkPlace Innovations, Inc. of Avon, CT,  a consulting firm for people working out of their home, is the producer and host. David Pena is also the founder of the Home Based Business Network and Support Group of Greater Hartford. This group has had in excess of 500 people attend since it's inception over two years ago. Monthly attendance is about 100 people. As a benefit of belonging to this group, members are invited to appear on the home business show. Pena feels the show can benefit anyone contemplating starting a home business as well as growing an existing business. 

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Helping Pena is Robyn Brooks of Brooks Designs. She is the co host and conducts interviews with owners of home businesses. The purpose of these interviews is to provide information on the guests' experiences in starting a home business.

As part of the show, besides the guests, there are three regular segments. One of the segments is called the "Software Coach" hosted by Marsha Marsiglio with the Software Coach of Farmington, CT. Marsha presents some of the software available for home office use.

Another segment of the show is the "Professional Organizer" hosted by Judy Kirk with Organizing Resources of Plainville, CT. On the show Judy discusses various aspects of organizing a home office.

"In Review" is another segment on the show. This segment  is hosted by Roberta Buland with Right Words Unlimited of New Britain, CT.  Roberta reviews books and magazines relating to women in home businesses. Roberta also informs the audience of available business resources in Connecticut.

The above segments are the ones the show featured when it was first started. Since then  the following segments have been added:

"Real People/Real Jobs"- this segment addresses the issue that the people on the show are real people in real jobs in their own home business and are not paid to appear on the show. Many people have the preconception that people can not make a good living with a home business. This segment features owners of home businesses and their successes.

"Home Office Design" hosted by Neal Zimmerman. This segment helps people with the design of  their home office, from furniture, equipment to finding the right location.

"The Computer Minute" hosted by Steve Cote. This segment deals with computer hardware, the requirements needed to run much of the software and the inside workings of a computer. 


"The Web" hosted by Chip Janiszewski of Internet Business Consulting, home of Town-USA. This segment not only deals with some of the best Web sites for home businesses but also with "doing business on the Web".

"Mobile Office" hosted by Gene Gillis and Marsha Marsiglio. This segment highlights some of the new equipment available for a mobile office.

"Your Attorney" hosted by Judy Gedge addresses the legal issues of starting a home business.

"Marketing Your Home Business" hosted by Robyn Brooks. This segment discusses some of the low cost but effective ways of marketing your home business.

"Working Parent" hosted by Debbie Miner. This segment addresses the growing number of moms and dads starting a home business, this segment addresses the issue of kids and a home business. This segment discusses childcare needs, time management, effects on relationships with spouse and children, office space and more.

"Gadget Guru" hosted by Gene Gillis. The main focus of this segment is to present new items pertaining to a home office.

"Financial Planning" hosted by Kenneth Mitchell.  This segment focuses on the several options available to owners of home businesses in setting up retirement plans.

"Women In Business" hosted by Debbie Lewis. This segment addresses some of the issues and problems encountered by women in starting their business (over 300,000 women start a home business every year according to the SBA). 

"Cash  In At Home" the home business show, appears on the public access Nutmeg TV station  on Thursday nights at 9:30 PM.

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