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Town USA Free Classifieds - Helpful Tips

Town USA's Classifieds sections have been set up for the benfit of, for and to be used by local residents. The service is provided through the use of an interactive direct, fill in the form, self posting announcements message board. This is Not meant to replace the Life-time free Business Yellow Page Directory Listings, set up specifically for businesses; their products & services to be found and viewed through searchable database listings, geographic location & category indexing, and Business Hypertext Links, to your homepages / web sites. We have tried to make accessible to residents a media format to communicate with other residents and their local communities with the State Classifieds Sections.

NOTE: Please do not add special formatting such as underline, bold, CAPITAL LETTERS (except for the first letter of a word), italic, [( )], -, !, ", different font sizes, etc. This will ensure proper processing of your information by the system. Improperly formatted ads will not be approved and / or will be removed with out notice.

Ads placed in multi state classifieds sections will be considered non-resident ads and will be removed as well as posting the same ad within the different state sections. Read Terms and Conditions of use.


BEFORE posting Classifieds, read the Helpful Tips -- How to use classifieds.

Helpful Tips -- How to use classifieds ·  Images -- Add a Picture to your classifieds ad

Include your URL address and a Business Hypertext Link to your Home Page / Web Site.

Information for Advertising Products & Services

If you have products (information), and or services (information), to make available to residents, this is considered business advertising and falls under our Business Links program. Exposure is through the free Yellow Page Business Listing & Hypertext link to your Home Page / Web Site; your own Town USA Home Page / Web Site designed for you; and banner ads placed on Town USA classifieds pages, and or other pages. Classifieds ads, listing your URL Internet address (requires pre-approval as a link).

Terms and Conditions and use of Town USA Classifieds: Submission of all classifieds ads posted to and displayed within Town USA Classifieds Sections; automatically constitutes acceptance and full agreement to the conditions as outlined above and as stated on this page, and shall be in compliance with these terms.

Town USA reserves and maintains the right to remove any ads that appear not to meet with these Terms and Conditions , and or appears to be misleading in any way. This site adheres to a no spam policy, and for ads placed promoting mass emailing.

All ads must fall within the US Postal Service Guide Lines:

State Free Classifieds (Map)

Town USA's State Free Classifieds sections have been set up for local area residents. Each state has similar, but separate and specific sections to be used only by local area community residents to exchange information and to be interactive with each other. For example; the real estate section of each state is for local real estate posted by residents (no brokers or agents) found within that state specifically. The employment section of each state is for local businesses only that have local (go to work) jobs available, and for local residents (no agency listings) interested in trying to find a local (go to work) company and job near by (not work at home or business opportunities, networking and or other types of income opportunities, These should be posted in the Business Opportunities Section). Other state classifieds sections, autos: resident's vehicles, registered in the listing state (no dealers); tag sales: (place and time); miscellaneous: (private resident items); are again only for local residents use. Agencies, agents, dealers, brokers, etc.; please contact us regarding placing your listings. We will provide your own special self-posting co-partner display section!

Connecticut Free Classifieds (Sample)

Town USA's Connecticut Free Classifieds section is your outlet for getting rid of that old car sitting in your garage or finding that new job you've been looking for. Are you having a tag sale or selling your house? Let Town USA know by submitting your free classified. Each section is specific, please place your ad within the correct section.
Businesses: Chick here to place your Free Yellow Page Business Listing.



Cars, Trucks, Vans, Motorcycles


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